Margarita´s Menu

Our neighbor Margarita is a professional chef who will prepare you anything you desire.  She will also set you up a  table on the beach or another spot if you wish.

She charges 30 pesos ($3) for a breakfast of eggs any way you like them.  She can also make fruit plates and pancakes. If you want something special, just ask.

Here are some meals she will make for you.

1  shrimp …cooked in butter or steamed with vegetables or any other way you wish them. 130 pesos

camarones….en mantequilla o al vapor con verduras o al gusto

2  Fish fillet in butter and garlic or steamed …or some other way. 130 pesos

filete de pescado..en mantequilla y ajo o al vapor o al gusto

3  Langostinos (from our river!) Prepared however you like them 150 pesos

langostinos al gusto

4  Barbecued meat with beans and guacamole. Ask for chicken instead if you wish…120 pesos

carne azada con frijoles y guacamole (puedes pedir pollo azada tambien)

5  fried chicken with potatoes  80 pesos

pollo frito con papas

6  pork in red or green sauce 90 pesos

carne de cerdo en salsa roja o verde

7  cooked beef with beans 90 pesos

milaneza de rez con frijoles

8  beef mexican style 80 pesos

carne de rez a la mexicana