Rosario Castellanos Musical

Rosario Castellanos (25 May 1925 – 7 August 1974)

I began writing music for selected poems of Rosario Castellanos at the request of an actress friend. It soon became an obsession; I began to set many of her other works to music, and to plan a musical based on them.  Thoughout this process, I have often felt accompanied by her, as musical ideas for unfamiliar poems pop into my mind.

Central to this work are her themes of “the eternal feminine” and our relationship to the earth.  Rosario died a tragic and premature death; I hope that celebrating her in song can bring some completion to her “presence”, as she puts it in one poem, a healing that I hope will touch many through the beautiful legacy of poetry in which she still lives.

I have been healed and transformed through feeling her words in my body, and often play this music when I need a good laugh or a good cry.  I hope this musical will spread healing and help to revalue the feminine in a graceful way

I’m planning to create some performances of this work in about 3 years when I finish some other projects.  Till then this music is just sitting in my harddrive which is a real pity!  I think it would make a great project for theater students, perhaps it could be used in creating a thesis for a graduate student, or to be part of a festival or whatever!  If you would like to use this material for your own project, please contact me at
If you would like to download the demos to enjoy them or to plan a performance you can do that here.  Just donate whatever you feel to donate and then you will be taken to the download page!

Hear the music!

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