1 Welcome to Casa Orquidea Salvaje, or Wild Orchid house. Please make yourself at home.  You can put your clothing in the baskets which are in the dressers and hang other things in the closets.  There is a safe for any valuables.

2 The two keys are for the front door and the door to the roof. Please make sure you lock up both when you go out.

3 I will email you the combination to the safe and instructions before you arrive. Please put your valuables in the safe.

4 Please put your full garbage bags in the clear containers and secure the top so that animals cannot open it.  Ivan or Margarita will throw it out for you.

5 You can arrive at Casa Orquidea salvaje by 2 different paths. The first leads through the restaurant   of Canopy tour and then across the bridge.  The second path is the tire staircase near the electricity poles. This leads to a path which takes you to the beach. From the beach you can climb the staircase into the restaurant and the cross the bridge and walk to the house. The second path is for use at night when there are guard dogs at the entrance to the restaurant. If you  need assistance, please take the whistle located in the kitchen before you go out at night and blow it when you park. Alternatively, just honk….and Ivan will come to your aid.

6 Make sure to always bring a flashlight with you if there is the possibility of returning after dark.  I have several extras in the kitchen drawer.  If you use up the batteries please replace them since I cannot change them from my home in NY!

7 Margarita will do your laundry for a fee. Please talk to her about this…she is right next door.

8 There are many exciting things to do in Las Juntas y Veranos. I will include a few links below.   There are others (such as horseback riding, hiking) with no websites.  Please ask Ivan or Margarita about any activity you are searching for…and you can also call or email me  (914-261-4966) afranklin7@hotmail.com  For your own convenience, please arrange to do these activities before you arrive if possible! (see “things to do: link)

9 Please don´t flush paper down the toilet. Mexican plumbing is not as hardy as other places! Please place paper in the waste paper basket.

10 You are in the jungle and there are cuizas (geckos) and other insects. The cuizas eat other insects.  Be aware that there are scorpions, although I haven´t seen one in my house for years…better safe than sorry. Please check all shoes and pants before putting them on..shake out clothing and towels before using. If you get a scorpion bite, there is a scorpion bite kit in the bathroom  medicine cabinet. It´s the little yellow box.  You will need to seek medical attention in addition to this.  Unfortunately this means a drive to Puerto Vallarta to the hospital. The hospitals are near theentrance to the highway PV/ Barra de Navidad. One is called CMQ and the other ¨Medasist¨

(Click on Pictures for more info)

11 Please don´t leave food out  inside or outside the house. There are ants and dogs and other  creatures that will be attracted to it. (fruits and vegetables are fine in the baskets for this purpose.)

12 The gas stove is not self lighting. Please use the lighter or a match.

13 Please do not lie in the hammock if you are wet..or put wet towels or clothing on it. Please explain this to your children.

14 Please don´t forget to lock the doors, upstairs and downstairs when you go out.  There is a safe in the master bedroom for your valuables.  You should have the combination already!

15 Don´t drink the tap water! It does come from a natural spring…but it is slightly downstream from the source. You can boil and drink it if you wish. Ivan will bring you bottled water in a big “garafon” which goes in the kitchen. If you run out, just ask him for more.

16 Remember to soak fruits and vegetables in microdyn solution or a few drops of bleach to eliminate parasites. You can buy this at most small stores.

17 There are lots of restaurants in town..I mention several in this booklet..but you will see others if you wander around. Few are open for dinner however. Margarita, who lives next door,  will be happy to cook you something if you so desire. Her menú and pricing is in this booklet. There is also a  restaurant at the entrance to the town that is open somewhat late  some of the time.

18 Some fun things to do here are tequila factory tours, canopy tours, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, eating, relaxing, sitting on the beach and taking in the sun. Please ask Ivan about any activities you can´t locate.

19 Please don´t forget to apply bug repellent when outside! There are no see ems.

20 Please leave the caps on the drains or they will clog. If a drain does clog, you can usually unclog it by sticking a fork or a finger in and moving whatever is stuck.   Keeping the covers on the drain will avoid this problem.

21 There are extra covers in the white linen closet in the “family room”  if you get chilly.

22 Feel free to use any food in cans or jars that you need…I appreciate if you replace it with something for the next people.

23 Parking is along the edge of the road opposite the house..near the electricity poles. Please park as near to the edge as possible to avoid being woken up by a bus driver knocking on your door asking you to move your car!

24 Wear flip flops inside the house. The tile floors can get chilly and there is a small chance you might step on a bug or scorpion.

25 If you run out of hot water or gas or have any other maintenance issue, please tell Ivan or Margarita. Ivan is responsible for this and should fix it as soon as is possible.  If there is any trouble, please call or email me and I will make sure it gets fixed. My number is 914-261-4966 and email is afranklin7@hotmail.com

26 If you want daily maid service, Margarita charges 50 pesos each extra day.
Thanks for coming and I hope you have a great time!!-Alisa Amor