Hi, My name is Alisa Amor.  I am a singer/songerwriter with a deep interest in healing and matters of the heart.

I am very eclectic and have a variety of music to offer you.

Comfort (when there can be no comfort)

My last project was a set of musical mediations based on lessons from “A Course in Miracles”, some of my favorite spirtual writings.
I’m also working on a musical based on the life of Mexican feminist poet Rosario Castellanos.

I’ll be posting videos and music whenever I have something new to share with you.

Please check back here often ūüôā

I live in Eureka Springs Arkansas. Let me know if there is something cool going on where I can sing.

Alisa Amor has been writing, singing music and poetry, and creating stories about how the universe began as long as she can remember. As a child, her audiences were often forests and lakes. A desire to learn music composition took her to Oberlin College, then a desire for something completely different took her to PuertoVallarta, Mexico. There she spent 15 years, living in the city and later a jungle home, working as a landscape artist and muralist, and playing music in bars and around campfires. Wanting to reconnect with her roots, she headed back to her birthplace in New York’s Westchester county where she now lives and creates.
Her new album “Comfort, when there can be no comfort” represents and presents metaphorically¬† inner tools that came out of a long series of health challenges.¬† She is one of the few people who have had PET, a rare ear disease and overcome it completely.¬† During and after years of limited speaking and hearing, she has composed, performed and produced this album. She hopes it will be useful to others who feel like there can be no comfort or cure for them. It is about a long journey out of despair to being more fully human and resourceful.¬† It captures the depths and heights, the deep doubts and the gentle knowing of that process.
Lately her interests have turned to hypnosis for healing and recreation and her songs are beginning to reflect that in new exploratory ways.
Her study of “A Course in Miracles” over the past 10 years has led her to set the lessons to music so that they can be easily assimilated, memorized and enjoyed. She continues to write original poetry and music both in Spanish and in English.
How I learned A Course in Miracles with music. You can too!

Learn the art of speed painting from Alisa and Gerardo Amor
a website devoted to my artwork
I rent my beautiful house on the river beach in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
a website devoted to my leather work


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