Alisa Amor
187 Armonk Rd
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

I live in Westchester County, NY, about 30 miles north of Manhattan.  I am available to perform throughout the NYC area; contact me for details. I am especially interested in house concerts at this time.

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  1. Michael
    10 years ago

    hi Alisa,

    thank you for you beautiful music that i find very inspiring. i had to do a intensive search for your song ‘Only an instant does the world endure’ when David Hoffmeister played in one of his movie sessions with the film ‘Gamer’. so i thought it was from that movie… anyway, i found ya!
    being a musician myself i always wanted to use the course in some way as an inspiration to a new song. so far i have not begun doing that. but hearing your tunes i am certainly inspired. a quick listen already showed me you took an original approach. and your latest song i like too. gave you a modest donation. glad you healed from the ear-thing. and i mean from the inside of course… 🙂
    sending lots of love xxx michael

  2. Michael
    10 years ago

    o and btw your painting is awesome! love it! x

  3. Kai Swensen
    9 years ago

    Hi Alisa,
    I have found a photo of Rosario Castellanos related to your pages ( We would like to include it in a Spanish course for Norwegian students and would be glad if you could give us the contact information of the photographer, so that we can apply for the rights to publish it.

    All the best,
    Kai Swensen
    Aschehoug Education

    • alisaamor
      9 years ago

      I will email you

  4. Jacobus
    9 years ago

    Hi Alisa

    Your music is beautiful, but there seems to be something wrong with one of the links that I want to download “On my decision all salvation rests.” It almost finishes and then just fails to finish the download but the other three did not fail. If you can give me an alternative way of getting it, I will aprreciate it.

    much love

    • alisaamor
      9 years ago

      Hi, So glad you are enjoying! Please email me at and let me know what page you are downloading from and I’ll take a look.–Alisa

  5. Tom
    8 years ago

    Hi Alisa,

    I felt moved to thank you for your ACIM inspired music. This has been a time rife with challenging forgiveness lessons for my wife and I. Your lovely voice and musical arrangements are very useful tools to memorize the lessons that the songs are based upon.

    How helpful it is to wake up in the middle of the night where the ego prowls and find that one of your songs is going through my head to help dispel that chattering monkey. Blessings to you.

    • alisaamor
      8 years ago

      That means so much to me. Thanks so much for letting me know!–Alisa