Here are some performances from the Strawberry fields Music festival in Duchesne Utah with David Hoffmeister and all the amazing students of A Course in Miracles that come to enjoy a week together.

Here are some performances of mine and some friends.    (I had the privilege of jamming with the legendary bassist David Parlato.  (played with Frank Zappa , the amazing Paul Miskin on guitar and lots of other incredibly loving and creative folks!)

This song is called “Goddess”

This is my version of Ecclesiastes taken directly from the Bible, set to blues that goes into a version of a song called “Holy Cow”

This is a meditative song called “River” which is great when you just want a quiet moment to refresh your soul.

Here is a setting of “Only an instant does this world endure” taken directly from the Course in Miracles which devolved into an actual rainstorm on my request…

We ended one set with “La Bamba” just for kicks.  King Lexie does harmonies.

Here is a song called “won’t you take off your glasses”

This is another setting of a lesson from A Course in Miracles called “On my decision all salvation rests”  with the incredibly juicy Lorrie Tomlinson

Here are some tracks from Paul Miskin’s set where I did some harmonies along with King Lexie

Frances sings Halleluja on this one

Paul’s slide guitar work…this is my favorite